The Lo-Dough Margherita Pizza launches in Dublin this month using a revolutionary low carb, gluten-free base that is only 39 calories. 

This means no need to scrimp on the toppings, it features a generous helping of premium quality, takeaway style mozzarella and the WHOLE pizza still comes in at just over 300 calories. Inch-for-inch this is the lowest calorie pizza ever produced with no compromise on flavour.

It’s €5 and available (only) from Dublin Meat Company Retail Outlets and for online delivery via and the App. 

Lower calorie pizzas have always put the onus on low-calorie cheese and maintained the base as the carby underbelly, getting the taste right has been tough when cheese is what we crave the most.

The Lo-Dough Margherita has no compromise on taste whatsoever; it’s generously topped with rich, lightly-spiced tomato sauce and 75g of high quality, full flavour style mozzarella. Think takeaway indulgence and you are closer to the reality of what a Lo-Dough pizza tastes like!

The savings are made in the miraculous Lo-Dough pizza base – a light, yet high-fibre base that is so low in calories and carbs,  we can go to town on the toppings.

  • Full-Flavour:  generously topped with top quality mozzarella. More cheese than most pizzas.
  • Low-Carb: 5g carbs for the whole pizza – completely suitable for Keto, Atkins and LCHF – all low carb diets
  • Gluten-Free: Lo-Dough base and topping  
  • High-Protein: 25g of protein per pizza
  • Revolutionary Lo-Dough base: Most pizza bases (alone) are in excess of 500 calories, the Lo-Dough base comes in at 39 calories, so there’s plenty of space for delicious toppings and the calories are kept low
  • High-Fibre: 12.9g per whole pizza – more than a third of your daily recommended intake

Welcome to the pizza revolution! This February, the Lo-Dough Margherita arrives in Ireland and is being sold exclusively for the first time via the Dublin Meat Company. At just 302 calories and just 5g of carbs (as well as gluten-free!), this pizza is set to turn healthy indulgence on its head.

Whether dieting for health and wellness, slimming group or for fitness, the Lo-Dough Margherita is the miracle pizza that will fit perfectly into your diet and lifestyle, no matter what form it takes.