Celebrate National Hot Sauce Day (22nd January) with Deliveroo’s newest restaurant partner Chimac

Chimac’s limited-edition Hella Hot Wings firing up the nation

Korean treat now available on the platform exclusively

January 21st: It’s nearly National Hot Sauce Day (22nd January) and all the hot sauce lovers around the world will be celebrating Beyoncé style, with hot sauce in their bags. Teaming up with the newest (and now the hottest) restaurant on the platform, Deliveroo and Chimac will be setting taste buds alight with a limited-edition dish.

Deliveroo and Chimac have been working together behind the scenes to put your tastebuds to the ultimate heat test and bring you the hottest of the hot Chicken Wings – the Hella Hot Wings.

The chicken wings are tossed in Chimac’s spiciest ever sauce – for those with experienced taste buds brave enough to try it. Made with gochujang (a Korean sweet & spicy fermented chilli paste) and fresh garlic, the sauce contains a blend of four fresh chillies – jalapenos, habaneros, Ghost Peppers and the world’s hottest chilli pepper – The Carolina Reaper. With a splash of soju and a hint of honey, this sticky, punchy sauce is not for the faint-hearted!

Commenting on the new partnership, Chimac’s head chef, Garret FitzGerald said:We’re really excited to be working with Deliveroo to bring our Seoul-inspired food to the desks and doors of Dublin. The name ‘Chimac’ comes from the Korean compound word “Chimaek” which is made up of ‘Chikin” + ‘Maekju’. These words translate directly to ‘fried chicken’ + ‘beer’ in Korean. This hot sauce takes inspiration from Korea’s love of incredibly spicy food and would certainly pair beautifully with an ice-cold craft beer!!

Chimac brings one of the coolest and recent food trends to the diners of Dublin – Korean style fried chicken. This isn’t any fried chicken. It’s twice-fried, super crispy, 100% Irish, free-range Korean style chicken doused in a sauce of your choice.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said, “These wings are out of this world – you can physically feel the heat coming off the sauce. What a hot way to launch themselves onto the platform and we cannot wait to deliver Chimac’s Hella Hot Wings to spice-lovers of Dublin.

National Hot Sauce Day gives people the chance to show their appreciation for the holy grail of spice. From bloody Mary’s to buffalo wings, not everyone can handle the heat but this is the day to prove that you can.

This Korean inspired dish is available for a limited time only and exclusively from Deliveroo. K-pop on blast to drown out the heat howls is optional!

Available from Monday 20th January at 12.30pm, priced at €7.50 for 6 wings or €14 for 12 wings.