Join the Purple Snack Vs Yellow Snack debate

Irelands #1 biscuit brand is going head-to-head in the ultimate Snack showdown.

May 2023 – It’s a question that has caused heated discussion, bonding, fallouts, and taste tasting across Ireland… Which Cadbury Snack is your favourite?

The ultimate Cadbury Snack showdown is here; Cadbury fans around the country can settle this divisive debate once and for all by voting for their go-to biscuit treat, Purple Snack or Yellow Snack; crowning the winner ‘Ireland’s Favourite Snack’ – – with the chance to win a €250 cash prize for anyone who gets involved!

Settling a dispute that has divided a nation of biscuit lovers for decades, this all-important vote will take place over on Cadbury Ireland’s Instagram. There, Cadbury Snack fanatics will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite Snack, in the most controversial debate since pineapple on pizza or whether chocolate belongs in the fridge – with the potential to cause the biggest bust-up since Saipan.

As Ireland’s number one biscuit brand^, it goes without saying that most of us (if not all) have our favourite Snack. Will you say Yes to Yellow, with its scrumptious shortcake biscuit and deliciously creamy chocolate coating we all know and love? Or is the power of Purple Snack’s smooth chocolate sandwich covered in chunky Cadbury chocolate filling your idea of an irresistible nibble? Ultimately, your vote will help crown one Cadbury Snack as the best of the biscuit bunch – so choose wisely!

As an added incentive, anyone who gets involved in the debate will be in with a chance to win one of 10x€250 cash prizes up for grabsa very tasty prize to get your hands on ahead of the summer. Whether it’s some extra spending money for any holiday plans you have in store or a well-deserved shopping spree, we’re sure you’ll find a way to put this appealing prize to good use.

There are two ways for Snack-aholics to get involved. Either scan the QR code on Snack advertising materials – across billboards, digital advertising, social media or promotional signage in-store, which will bring you straight to the Instagram competition post  – or enter directly through the competition post on Cadbury’s Instagram HERE. Then, simply cast your vote by sharing which Snack you’re rooting for, and why, in the comments section, using #Yellow or #Purple.

The competition runs until 25th June 2023.