Ready to ring in the festive season, the old-style Irish pub offers cosy pints and delicious cocktails

Today, 12th December, The Crafty Fox opens its doors on Camden Row. Behind the hustle and bustle of this busy Dublin street lies a cosy snug, offering the best in a ‘back to basics’ pub along with a relaxed, warm feel. Pub revelers can enjoy everything from old Irish slang inspired cocktails to a pint of the black stuff with their lunch or a natter and a drink in the evenings. The Crafty Fox brings the best parts of the old Irish pub to life with a modern, cunning, fox like twist!

The cocktail menu was devised with Irish ingredients in mind bringing back old favourites like Werther’s Originals in the ‘Aul Fella’ whiskey cocktail mix or TK Lemonade in the ‘Away With The Fairies’ vodka blend. Other crafty cocktail concoctions include ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’, ‘Me Aul Flower’ and ‘C’mere Till I Tell Ya’ all lovingly created on-site by the foxes’ mixologists.

Other drinks include old time favourites along with a solid local craft beer selection. As keen Irish food lovers, The Crafty Fox is set to introduce delicious food menu serving lunch and evening bites.

For warmer days, the windows in the space open from floor to ceiling, giving an airy feel to the pub, perfect for those looking to relax in friendly surrounds for a pint and a catch-up with mates.

Speaking about the opening, venue manager Brian Kennedy said; ‘The Crafty Fox is a modern interpretation of a great old Irish pub your grandparents would have enjoyed a pint in. Inspired by the fox, we approach all things in the pub with charm and ingenuity. Everything from the drinks menu to the photos on the wall have been carefully chosen with craft, quality and nod to the old Irish snug in mind.’

He continued; ‘We want the pub to be a space where people can relax and enjoy a drink in the depths of winter in a cosy snug. In the summer our floor to ceiling windows will provide a cool hideaway off Camden street. We’re very much looking forward to opening in early September.’

The Crafty Fox will keep its doors open from 12 noon to 12 midnight seven days a week. The Potting Garden features a direct door in to Opium’s Botanical Garden, giving customers the opportunity to continue their night into the small hours. Sports will be shown now and again on screen but the snug will remain a place for a quiet pint and a chat, always. With a capacity of 120 along with a small outdoor backyard (which is lovingly known as ‘The Potting Shed’), The Crafty Fox is looking forward to welcoming guests over the festive season.


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