Spice up the Festive fun this Christmas with this Ketel One inspired cocktail that will not only look amazing but taste it too! In line with Ketel Ones ethos of Sustainability, use up your left-over spices from the Christmas dinner or your mulled wine to give a new look to the cosmopolitan.

Just six ingredients, carried out in two steps is how you can achieve this beautifully executed drink that will certainly go down a treat this Christmas.





700ml ketel one (1 bottle)
2 bay leaves
1 star anise
Half a cinnamon stick
Half an orange peel
4 whole peppercorns


1. Add all components to a shaker, shake hard and strain into chilled Coupe Glass.
2. Garnish with flamed orange zest- this is the perfect opportunity to use any leftover
clementines or orange rind following your Christmas baking.
3. Add all ingredients to ketel one in mason jar, shake vigorously and leave out of direct
sunlight for 24 hours, strain and rebottle.

About Ketel One
Ketel One Vodka is a family-made vodka created in 1983 by the Nolet Family and has never
compromised on quality or exceptional flavour in over 300 years. All that experience has
made Ketel One experts in distilling. Their exquisitely smooth and super premium vodka is
the best choice for those who crave a drinking experience like no other. Crafted in a copper
pot still in combination using modern distilling techniques, every batch of Ketel One is
approved by a member of the family still to this day.