Enjoy The Green Prescription 

A masterclass in well-being is being led by Medical Doctor, Author, TEDx Speaker, and Expert in Burnout Prevention & Lifestyle Medicine Dr Mark Rowe at Mount Congreve Gardens in County Waterford on Sunday, March 3rd, 2024.

Dr Rowe says that time spent in nature is a brain break! “Time in nature quietens the busyness of what I call the ‘merry-go-mind’ with its ‘always on’ inner chatter of six thousand plus thoughts a day (mainly negative thoughts.) The types of brain waves produced in this state of worry, anxiety and stress are called beta waves. Spending time in nature can change the type of brain waves emitted to alpha, signalling a more chilled out and calm relaxed state where you can not only recharge from stress but also become more creative and enhance the quality of your thinking. Entering into what’s termed the ‘flow state’ where you can think, feel and be closer to your creative best as you reduce levels of toxic stress hormones.”

At this event which is the first of a planned series of masterclasses, Dr. Mark Rowe will share a wealth of experience in the area of Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Health to offer tangible tips and support strategies in order to make sustainable improvements to physical health, mindset and emotional wellbeing.

Participants in the one-day masterclass will engage in the journey of growth through learning by ‘doing’ and learning by ‘being’, leading to a deeper understanding of wellbeing. They will learn some scientific tools and insights to work towards their ‘best possible future self’ by recharging from stress; reigniting purpose and reconnecting with their inner essence.

Dr Rowe says “‘Biophilia’ is the scientific term given for this innate biological need to connect with nature. It comes from the Greek phrase meaning ‘love of life and the living world.’ This innate tendency to react positively to nature comes from your DNA, hardwired into your physiology and is a key driver of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual vitality.

For that reason, I have for many years now offered some of my patients a prescription to Mount Congreve Gardens and I have led Forest Bathing Walks’ there too. These garden paths are a balm for the body and mind..” You can learn more about Marks wellbeing work at www.drmarkrowe.com.

Mount Congreve’s 70 acres of woodland gardens roll downhill from an elegant 18th-century mansion to the River Suir and are home to one of the largest collections of plants in the world. The gardens include intensively planted woodlands, a walled garden and 16km of walking trails along with an elegant 18th-century mansion to enjoy a glimpse into times gone by along with the beautiful new Stables Café and Visitor Centre with delicious menus curated by The Pantry by CLIFF and filled with garden produce.

The full-day (10 am to 4.30 pm) Wellbeing Masterclass on Sunday, March 3rd with Dr Mark Rowe ticket includes a guided masterclass with Dr Rowe, a signed copy of one of Dr Mark Rowe’s three books ‘A Prescription for Happiness’, a herbal plant, a welcome glass of kombucha, a coffee/tea break and healthy bites as well as a two-course healthy.

Mount Congreve Gardens was recently tipped by Conde Nast Traveller in their ‘Best Place To Go’ 2024 plus the New York Times includes Mount Congreve Gardens in their ‘52 Places to Go for 2024’.  For further details on Mount Congreve Gardens and Masterclass event tickets (125e), see www.mountcongreve.com. This exclusive event is limited to thirty participants, so book early to avoid disappointment.