– Deliveroo reveals its annual ‘Deliveroo 100 Report’ highlighting trending dishes from around the world

 – A Burrito bowl from Boojum makes it into the global top 10 list for the second year running – and features TWICE in the Irish list, with customers in both Dublin and Galway ordering loving the dish this year

 – A pork belly noodle soup dish from Hong Kong takes the number one spot in the global top 100 trending dishes list

 – Local Irish restaurants dominate the top 30 trending list in Ireland in 2023 – from Bunsen to Wowburger, Tolteca and Yeeros

 – The full list of Deliveroo’s 30 Ireland’s top trending dishes ordered in 2023 is here

 – The full list of Deliveroo’s 100 top trending dishes ordered around the world in 2023 is here

November, 2023, Ireland. Deliveroo takes a look back over the past year to reveal their annual ’Deliveroo 100 Report’ – a list of the top trending dishes ordered on the platform from across the world.

This year’s trending list features an eclectic mix of dishes, with customers branching out from regular eating habits and exploring the wealth of different foods right on their doorsteps. From burritos to build-your-own salad bowls and even bunches of bananas, this year’s top 100 trending list includes some familiar movers and shakers from previous years and several new additions for 2023.

Across the island of Ireland, homegrown restaurants came out on top with the majority of trending dishes in 2023 coming from indigenous Irish businesses. From kebabs to burgers, the Irish embraced cuisines from all corners of the world but the beloved burrito topped the top 30 list:

  1. Burrito Bowl from Boojum, Dublin

  2. Cheeseburger from Bunsen, Dublin

  3. WOW Cheeseburger from Wowburger, Dublin

  4. Burrito from Tolteca, Dublin

  5. Chicken Yeeros from Yeeros, Dublin

  6. Burrito Bowl from Boojum, Galway

  7. Döner Kebab from Reyna, Dublin

  8. Smash Burger from Dash Ireland, Dublin

  9. Big Chilli Cheese Bites from Burger King, Dublin

  10. Burrito from Burritos & Blues, Cork

  11. Five Guys Shake from Five Guys, Dublin

  12. Margherita from Sano Pizza, Dublin

  13. Chicken from Roosters Piri Piri, Dublin

  14. Chicken Tenders from Mad Egg, Dublin

  15. The Palestinian Falafel from Umi Falafel, Dublin

  16. Southern Fried Chicken Tenders from Eddie Rockets, Dublin

  17. Sataysfied Chicken Bowl from Sprout & Co, Dublin

  18. California Roll from Musashi, Dublin

  19. Spice Bag from Xian Street Food, Galway

  20. Super Bowl from Nuttbutter, Dublin

  21. The Teacher from 4Friends Burgers, Dublin

  22. Our famous Burritos from Salsa – Authentic Mexican Food, Dublin

  23. Spicy Cajun from Meltdown, Dublin

  24. Margherita from PI, Dublin

  25. Regular Poke Your Way from Akaka Poke Co, Dublin

  26. Chicken Shawarma from The Shawarma Company, Dublin

  27. Cork’s Best Breakfast Roll from Herlihy’s Centra, Cork

  28. Tikka Masala from Kerala Kitchen, Dublin

  29. Pad Thai (V) (G) (Mild) from Soba, Cork

  30. Hot Dog Meal Deal from Shake Dog, Limerick


Globally, the food-delivery company has revealed that 2023 has the most eclectic top 10 list in recent years with no two dishes being the same. Here’s a taster of this year’s top ten trending dishes on Deliveroo around the world:

  1. 腩肉墨丸米線 (Mixian (noodle soup) with Pork Belly and Cuttlefish Ball) from TamJai Yunnan Mixian, Hong Kong

  2. Linguine Carbonara à la Parisienne (Linguine Carbonara, Parisian Style) from Livio Più, Paris, France

  3. Build Your Own Poké Bowl from Poké Shack, London, UK

  4. Gran Crispy McBacon® from McDonald’s, Milano, Italy

  5. Original (Burger), from SALT, Dubai, UAE

  6. Burrito Bowl from Boojum, Dublin, Ireland

  7. Salmon Style Poké Bowl from Hawaiian Poké Bowl, Ghent, Belgium

  8. Build Your Own Salad Bowl from atis, London, UK

  9. Sausage McMuffin® with Egg Combo for 1, from McDonald’s, Hong Kong

  10. Burrito from Fresh Mex, Aberdeen, UK


For the first time in the history of Deliveroo 100, Hong Kong takes the top spot for the most trending dish globally with TamJai Yunnan Mixian – a warming, traditional noodle soup made with pork belly and a cuttlefish ball.  France clinches the silver spot with a Parisian pasta dish twist from Livio Più, closely followed by a build-your-own Poké bowl from Poké Shack in London. In fourth place, we find Italy, with the Crispy McBacon® burger from McDonald’s unexpectedly overtaking pasta and pizza dishes.

Deliveroo’s top 100 list reveals a new global takeaway food trend for 2023: mix-and-match bowl food. Full of colourful, fresh, healthy ingredients, this trend proves a favourite across seven different countries, making up 40% of the global top ten list and a fifth (20%) of the top 100 global list. The biggest bowl food consumers are based in Italy, with the highest number of bowl-based dishes in the top 100 trending list.

Long-time favourites, pizza and burgers, continue to reign supreme within the top 100 trending list globally, accounting for 7% and 19% of top global dishes, respectively. That said, the popularity of Mexican burrito wraps and bowls has nearly doubled since last year, now making nine appearances across six countries in the top global 100 list, compared to five in 2022.

Deliveroo Ireland Regional Director, Helen Maher said: “From bananas to burritos and cheeseburgers to chicken tenders, it’s always fun revealing our annual list of Deliveroo’s 100 trending dishes across the globe. It’s great to see dishes from so many home grown Irish restaurant businesses trending in Ireland this year and we’re delighted to see customers enjoying all the great food available on their doorsteps.”

For the full list of Deliveroo’s 100 top trending dishes ordered around the world in 2023, please see HERE.