M&S launch its first alcohol-free G&T in a can – and it tastes AMAZING

M&S brings you the ultimate in non-alcoholic drinks in a can (our first ever!) – an Alcohol-Free Sparkling Botanical G&T.  It tastes just as good as the real thing and is ideal for non-drinkers, designated drivers or those looking to cut back.  Made using a blend of quality, fragrant botanicals including – juniper, coriander, lemon balm, cardamom and angelica, mixed with a refreshing tonic and costs just €3.80 per 250ml can. Simply serve over ice with a lemon or cucumber garnish or enjoy straight from the tin. 

The botanicals used for making the drink are from Edinburgh-based distillery, The Old Curiosity. The distillery boasts a secret herb garden of 600 (!) naturally grown and tendered varieties of herbs and flowers. 

The trend for low and no alcohol options is clearly continuing – A 2020 Portman Group study reported that almost a quarter (23%) of alcohol drinkers were likely to consider switch to lower alcohol/alcohol free alternatives this year.  This switch is led by younger drinkers where a staggering one in ten are actively drinking lower alcohol options.   

Jenny Rea – M&S Drinks Product Developer said – ‘This alcohol-free G&T tastes just like the real thing.  All the flavours are there, from the juniper notes to those fragrant botanicals that add to that classic gin taste.  It is truly delicious.  I am sure it is going to be a huge hit with customers – at Christmas 2018 we launched a larger bottle of this no alcohol G&T that proved so popular with customers – we kept it on as a permanent fixture in our food halls – customers loved it!’