The sup of the summer made in partnership with Stillgarden Distillery

Hen’s Teeth introduces Henzo Mix, three tasty bottled cocktails crafted with their Dublin 8 neighbours Stillgarden Distillery.

The range of drinks are distilled, hand-mixed and bottled in Dublin 8 and come in three refreshing flavours.

They are available to buy, sup and enjoy in-store and online at Hen’s Teeth now.


Euphoria Crush

A sparkling blend of pineapple, grapefruit and sunbeams.

Manifest the tropical island of your dreams, regardless of your actual geographical place on earth. Simply pour 125ml over ice, garnish with lime and enjoy this bottle of sunshine.

ABV: 15%



Hollier Negroni

Sweet (not too sweet), Bitter (not too bitter).

It’s that ‘I am on my holiers’ feeling bottled.

Imagine that warm feeling of stepping off a plane and the first blast of hot summer air. Now, pop that feeling in a bottle, pour 125ml over ice, sit an orange segment on the side and enjoy this sublime seasonal negroni.

ABV: 20%



Ninety Nine Spritz

It’s the first day of summer in liquid form. What a feeling.

We understand that distilling a ninety nine into a wonderfully effervescent cocktail with notes of vanilla and a hint of biscuit isn’t something you thought you needed but you can thank us for this delicious nostalgia trip afterwards. Enjoy chilled.

ABV: 12.5%

RRP: €14 & €35

Available in two sizes: 250ml & 750ml


About Hen’s Teeth

Hen’s Teeth creates contemporary cultural experiences from our home on Blackpitts in Dublin 8. We’ve got a love for art, music, food and culture and the space where they all come together – whether that’s through our own gallery, store and café or for some of the interesting folks and brands that we collaborate with across the world. @hensteethstore


About Stillgarden 

Stillgarden isn’t your average Distillery. They combine science, community and nature to create an experience and an offering of spirits like no other. Their signature collection includes their homegrown selection of botanicals nurtured by the local community. They create beautiful drinks that you simply can’t get anywhere else, made by and for, curious individuals.