The steak from FINLAND is the current reigning world champion of the World Steak Challenge, which takes place at FIRE on July 9th and 10th to crown the 2019 champion.

Calling all steak lovers- FIRE Restaurant and Lounge on Dawson Street are fanning the flames and bringing the people of Ireland the opportunity to try what is considered the best beef in the world. Selected as the winner up against 200 different steaks coming from 22 countries worldwide, the cut is a 10oz Grass Fed Ayrshire Sirloin Steak from Finland, which was crowned World’s Best Steak in 2018 at the World Steak Challenge in London.

FIRE will exclusively be serving the 10oz steak in Ireland from the 1st July. The beef comes from the Ayrshire breed, which originated in the County of Ayr in Scotland. However, the herd  the steak comes from is born and raised in Finland by JN Meats. What makes this cut stand out is the marbling which competes with Wagyu and Kobe and makes it world class. There is only a limited quantity of cattle with the genetic potential for a very high grade of marbling and FIRE is honoured to have secured a limited stock of this steak for customers.

Executive Head Chef of FIRE, Richie Wilson is excited at the prospect of cooking what is considered the world’s best steak, saying; “Working with best possible ingredients available to me is something I have always been very proud of, and to be working with what is considered the world’s best steak is an exciting prospect. I’m hoping other meat lovers across the country will take this opportunity to come in and try this cut of steak that is held in such high esteem by the panel of experts who crowned it the winner at last year’s World Steak Challenge event.”

The steak itself will be on the FIRE menu for a limited time and will be served on a first come first served basis due to limited availability. The steak will be cooked to the customer’s liking and served with marrow butter, a Fennel and Citrus Salad, Pont Neuf chips and tobacco onions and will be available for €48.00.

The Finland Sirloin will feature exclusively on FIRE’s menu as the venue gets ready to host the World Steak Challenge on July 9th and 10th. The event is held in high esteem by many worldwide beef producers, as well as official host partner Bord Bia, and will see more than 40 International experts adjudicating in this year’s event. The competition is viewed as a platform to benchmark the quality of beef production against international competitors. The panel draws together beef producers, butchers, restaurateurs, food scientists and chefs from around the world to judge a record entry of over 300 global steaks.

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The Ayshire breed was referred to first as the Dunlop, then the Cunningham, and finally, the Ayrshire. How the different strains of cattle were crossed to form the breed known as Ayrshire is not exactly known. There is good evidence that several breeds were crossed with native cattle to create the foundation animals of the breed. Regardless of the details of origin, the early breeders carefully crossed and selected the various strains of cattle to develop the cow we now know as the Ayrshire. She was well suited for the land and climate in Finland.


About the World Steak Challenge

In its fifth year, the World Steak Challenge 2019 is designed to benchmark the quality of beef production against other international competitors and establish a quality mark that everyone can trust. This year we received a record amount of entries from 24 countries, with the Czech Republic among the new entrants to the event.

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