The Butler’s Pantry launches #FeedYourResolution initiative.

The key to eating well is not deprivation, but nutritious food cooked from scratch using fresh, whole ingredients.


The Butler’s Pantry #FeedYourResolution initiative aims to help its customers to stick to their New Year’s resolutions to eat better in 2020. At The Butler’s Pantry we take a positive approach to eating for health and wellness. Rather than subscribe to fad diets and the idea of excluding specific foods and whole food groups from one’s diet, we prefer to focus on all the delicious dishes that we can make using nutritious whole ingredients and the best of seasonal Irish produce.

We know that many people make resolutions to eat better at this time of year, but that they find it hard to follow a strict regimen when work and life get in the way, and their good intentions can fall by the wayside. We want to make it easy for our customers to eat well and nourish themselves through the winter.

In each of The Butler’s Pantry’s nine shops, a range of dishes and products that are particularly nutritious and wholesome, low in calories, and contain low amounts of sugar and fat, will be clearly marked to show that they are suitable for anyone trying to eat more healthily.

We don’t believe in labelling foods as good or bad however we know that after a period of indulgence over Christmas, many of our customers are determined to eat more high-quality protein, fruit, vegetables, pulses and complex carbohydrates, and less in the way of sugary treats. By choosing dishes marked with #FeedYourResolution symbol, they will be able to stick to their resolution even when they don’t have time to cook from scratch themselves.

Amongst the dishes carrying the #FeedYourResolution symbol are our nutritious soups including Asian noodle broth with lemongrass and ginger. #FeedYourResolution main courses include a range of healthy salads, Greek stew with roast root vegetables, barley, green olive and feta cheese and chicken and tomato fricassee with grilled vegetables, lemon and Ras El Hanout spices. The range also features sourdough bread, great for gut health, our vegan chocolate and coconut cake and artisan products such Sarah’s Raw Bites and Irishtown oats.



The Butler’s Pantry is a 100% Irish owned company. We have grown organically from the first store which opened in Blackrock, Co Dublin in 1987. Our ethos has always stayed the same and many of our customers have been shopping with us since the beginning. Our nine shops are all located at the heart of communities so that our staff really get to know our customers while delivering the best products and service with style and panache. At The Butler’s Pantry, all of our food is hand made in our kitchen in Bray, Co Wicklow. Our talented chefs and bakers make food from scratch, using the finest ingredients without the use of additives or preservatives. Our menus are short and change with the seasons, celebrating the wonderful Irish produce that is available throughout the year.

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