Deliveroo celebrates Chinese New Year and one of Ireland’s most popular cuisines

Ireland’s most loved Chinese dishes revealed across the country

Three separate Chinese dishes in Dublin place in Top 5 List

Deliveroo reveals that three Dublin restaurants ranked within Deliveroo’s Top 5 Chinese Dishes list on the food delivery service platform in celebration of the Chinese New Year this Tuesday (Year Of The Pig).

The Duck Yuk Sung from Hang Dai, Chicken Noodles from Wok in Noodle and Siu Mei from Orchid respectively placed in third, fourth and fifth of this Top Chinese Dishes list, nationwide.

3-in-1, 4-in-1 or even a 5-in-1? Chinese food is always perfect for any occasion, healthy or otherwise. As we reel in the Chinese New Year, Deliveroo is revealing the most popular Chinese dishes ordered across the country.

Last year’s Chinese New Year saw a rise of 208% in Chinese food orders from the same time in the previous year, so there is no doubt that Ireland holds a special place in its heart for Chinese.

As a nation, we have a soft spot for a hearty Chinese picky feast among friends, and whether it’s for a Friday night-in treat or soakage after a Saturday night, an order of Chinese is never far away from Irish households.

Without further ado, Deliveroo’s Chinese food hall of fame in Ireland is as follows:

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said, “Our preferences for Chinese dishes have changed over the years – there was a time when 3-in-1s were the brand new thing.

“Now the legendary Spice Bag and Asian fusion are all the rage and always developing. While our tastes may have changed, our fascination with Chinese food never will, and we’re happy to highlight our most renowned and great-tasting restaurant partners,” they added.