Created by head chef Marty Montgomery and sommelier Javier Tena, The Regional Series is a new food and wine pairing concept launched in The Exchequer Wine Bar and Restaurant in April.
Part two of the Regional Series begins this September with a menu committed to the simplicity and wonder of Italian food and wine. Everything you would hope for on an Italian menu – from bruschetta to homemade pasta, ossobuco to tiramisu – the Wine Bar will bring Italian flavours to the ‘triangle’.
October will see a South American theme come from the kitchen as bold flavours of ceviche, steak & chimichurri and perhaps a Dulce de Leche to finish, or a Pisco Sour cocktail, the national drink of Chile and Peru.
The Regional Series will end with ‘The Best Of’, giving diners a chance to sample the best dishes from the five seasons throughout November.
The inaugural French Season was a success and a Spanish Season followed, with love and authenticity poured into the dishes by The Wine Bar’s sommelier Javier Tena from Madrid. “To get the opportunity to show off some of the dishes from my childhood and free reign to choose beautiful wines to accompany them, I have to say, it was very exciting for me.”
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