Delivery of traditional festive favourites direct to your door

November 2021: There are few traditions that are more sacred and important to Irish families than the traditional Christmas dinner. To take the stress out of cooking this year, DropChef, has announced the return of its Christmas meal kit delivery service. The bespoke offering caters for families of all sizes and removes the hassle of Christmas Day cooking.

The DropChef team has partnered with esteemed chefs and artisan suppliers to bring the best produce straight to Irish consumers. Each box contains all the ingredients with a perfectly timed, easy to follow, step-by-step recipe card to create the perfect Christmas meal.

DropChef CEO, Ryan Scott said: “There are few challenges that can be as stressful as planning an entire Christmas meal, shopping for all of the ingredients last minute to ensure they are fresh and then figuring out how and in what order to cook everything. The stakes are high at Christmas, and the pressure is on to impress and treat family members and guests. We provide premeasured ingredients for every element of the traditional Christmas dinner, helping to reduce waste, with an easy-to-follow recipe guide so consumers can relax and spend more time with their family on the day.”

The DropChef team has developed four packages to suit any family size, ranging from ‘the Cupid’ which feeds 2-4 people, to ‘the Blitzen’ which caters for groups of ten or more.

What to expect from the Christmas Dinner kits:

  • Woodland Bronze Turkey Crown from the beautiful leafy woodland of Hogan’s Farm near the historic town of Kells
  • Organic Winter Vegetables
  • Organic Irish Roast Potatoes, including the perfect roast potato recipe with organic Irish potatoes, Christmas duck fat and a pinch of thyme
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Gravy and Stuffing – Make your own stuffing with organic herbs and Irish butter
  • Freshly baked mince pies, christmas puddings and additional starters to keep hunger at bay on the big day.


DropChef sources Woodland Bronze turkeys from Hogan’s Farm. Nestled away inside a sleepy forest on the Charlesfort Estate in Kells, where farmer Paul Hogan has been raising turkeys for over 50 years. Paul’s most prized bird, the Woodland Bronze, is deliberately raised slowly from springtime and afforded the freedom to live outside, roam the forest and forage for nuts, seeds, and leaves.

Ryan Scott added: “We were determined to find the best quality turkey in Ireland and the Woodland Bronze turkeys are the ‘main event’ in the meal kit. The results speak for themselves, by affording the animals the dignity and conditions they deserve it means that the nutrients from the turkeys are circulated back into the forest and surrounding ecosystem.”

The kits are available now on pre-sale, with the the most popular ‘Rudolph plan’ expected to be sold out by the beginning of December. This year also marks the first year of a completely plant based option for those catering vegetarians or vegans. Find out more about the packages available this Christmas at or


About DropChef:

DropChef was founded in 2014 by three friends (Ryan Scott, Roman Grogan and Sam O’Byrne) who shared a love for healthy wholesome food. DropChef delivers all the ingredients you need to cook a healthy dinner along with an easy-to-follow recipe card. Each week the menu changes completely meaning that customers never get tired of eating the same food and that they enjoy a healthy varied diet. All of the ingredients are pre-measured meaning that it’s more straightforward for customers to follow the recipe and that they eliminate their food waste, meaning that they reduce their environmental footprint.

Ryan Scott, DropChef’s CEO, is currently enrolled in the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership (CISL), where he is learning from world renowned academics about how we can adapt traditional, wasteful, impactful food systems in order to ensure that the nutritional needs of current and future generations can be met.