reuzi is a minimal waste online shop and has a shop in Foxrock, Dublin

The shop sits on Brighton Road, Foxrock next to the Post Office and is run by sustainability activist Pat Kane.

The shop has all the items the online store carries and more and Pat also runs a full calendar of workshops for the community on the subject of recycling, eco-living and sustainability. “Education is the main pillar of what we do,” says Pat.

Some of the most popular items Pat sees customers looking for are reusable coffee cups, bamboo cutlery, water bottles and beeswax food wraps. In the shop, Pat offers all of these items and more along with refills on everything from deodorant, makeup and shampoo to washing up liquid and detergent. Pat wants to open the conversation about alternatives, for example, tampons and condoms are products you wouldn’t necessarily think of as extremely wasteful but they unfortunately are. “I want to help people find replacement products and explain why they’re a better choice for people and the planet.”

Pat Kane was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She met and married Stephen Kane, a surfer from Monaghan while working in the Caribbean for an irish business, and has been living in Ireland with her two children, Thomas and Conor, for eight years now. It was when Pat became a mom for the first time she realised the amount of rubbish she was going through every day from plastic wraps and bottles to random boxes and the hundreds of nappies!

Pat remembers thinking, “if just two adults and a tiny baby can generate so much waste, imagine an office or a school? My initial reaction was to educate myself on recycling and composting. Our end goal as a family is to replace everything that won’t be recycled or composted with reusable alternatives. It was because of this personal journey, I decided to create reuzi in 2018.”

Pat’s business acumen having worked with multinationals in countries all over the world for the past 18 years helped to make reuzi a reality.

Pat never preaches about sustainability; she wants to educate people about swapping ‘dirty disposables’ for eco-friendly, durable, reusable products. She wants people to address our over-consumption of single-use items. Pat has a full calendar of workshops planned for reuzi in Foxrock including making your own body butter, making a spray mist to aid sleep and making your kitchen more sustainable to ensure everyone is being as sustainable as possible – workshops to be announced via social media and website “events calendar”.

Pat says, “I want to get to know people in the local community and to find out more about their own ways to create a positive impact and share our knowledge to become more eco-friendly together.”