BuJo Burger Joint

BuJo Burger Joint, neighborhood burger joint on Sandymount Green. Grass fed chargrilled burgers is our thing…Follow us on our better burger adventures.

“Sandymount is actually an inspired choice as besides being one of the most desirable places to live in the country thanks to its proximity to the beach and the city, it retains a self contained sleepy air, helped by the fact that it is not a place people drive through like Ranelagh or Rathmines.

BuJo is a long diner style restaurant with booths, stools and chairs and attracts a young crowd so inevitably the music on the tannoy was upbeat dance music, ‘techno-lite’ would be my best attempt at a definition but surprisingly I barely noticed as the sound of happy diners all around faded the muzac into the background.

There are no waiters in BuJo so once you have placed your order at the counter you take a seat with a nifty little electronic device that buzzes and bounces around the table to alert you when your order is ready.

The standard BuJo burger costs €8 and is thankfully a rather joyously simple affair with two beef patties, cheese, pickles, BuJo sauce in a brioche bun with the option to add tomatoes, extra cheese or bacon. The bread holds, the meat is beefy and juicy with just enough texture, the fillings are balanced and well judged.

The summer special Piquanté Burger (€10) with Cooleeney farm Tipperary Brie, charred baby gem lettuce, beechwood smoked rare breed bacon, Sriracha Mayonnaise, and Piquanté cherry peppers was arguably even better with just enough spice and a big punch of added character from the bacon to elevate it further.

Best of all was how the Piquanté matched with the seasonal beer — a Ranchero Smoked Ale from Wicklow Wolf.

Malted barley for the beer was smoked over beechwood giving the beer a distinct smoky bacon flavour balanced with a rich maltiness and good balance from the hops.

Staff were cheery and pleasant and the atmosphere is enjoyable and convivial and the burgers are excellent, every suburb should have a BuJo.”

Restaurant Review, The Irish Examiner



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