As the lead up to Easter ensues, M&S are welcoming a fancy new addition to the shelves! Lir have teamed up with M&S to create the Caramel & Fudge Easter Egg Sundae, a decedent chocolate egg that is bursting at the seams with delightfully crunchy fudge pieces and chocolate dipped pretzels.

Katy Patino, M&S Easter Egg Developer, says: ‘’This year’s egg collection is possibly my favourite ever. I absolutely love the new, over the top, Caramel Fudge Sundae Egg. What better brand to team up with than Lir to bring M&S customers the premium in chocolate this Easter.’’

The Caramel & Fudge Easter Egg Sundae is hand crafted by chocolatiers at Lir with each and every egg boasting a velvety smooth yet luxuriously rich taste, typical of the premium standard in chocolate that the Lir brand is so widely renowned for.

Caramel & Fudge Easter Egg Sundae, €15

In stores now