Hendrick’s to bring a slice of the unusual to Dublin street traditions

The curious gin to put a peculiar  twist on the city for World Cucumber Day

The fastidious fruitists at Hendrick’s have announced they are to open their previously private Cucumber Hatchery to the public to coincide with the Cucumber’s Christmas, World Cucumber Day, which falls on the June 14th, in the year of our cucumber 2018. Hendrick’s cucumbrists will infiltrate two historic Dublin traditions to regale the uninitiated with tales of the humble green gourd. These celebrations will culminate in a grand event, open to all cucumber enthusiasts, which will take place in The Cucumber Hatchery in Urban Plant Life in Dublin 8.

For one day only, The Chariot Of The Curious, a horse drawn carriage will ferry the willing around St Stephen’s Green while feeding them fruity facts before bidding them farewell a more knowledgeable bunch. Meanwhile, among the traditional street flower vendors, Dubliners will be able to pick up a Bizarre Bouquet, a fruity floral arrangement of roses and their favourite flower-bedfellows, that every cucumber connoisseur will crave.

Along with the selection of bars serving specially concocted Hendrick’s cocktails to the fruitunate, The Cucumber Hatchery will open its doors that evening for an unusual celebration of the cucumber. Urban Plant Life, the setting for this exquisite appreciation of the odd, will be adoringly adorned with whimsical wonders to pique curiosity.

World Cucumber Day has graced the universe with its celebration of the curious since the fruit’s distinctive piquancy permeated the palette of our gin, and brought its taste to realms of the particular. This warranted celebration on a global scale, and World Cucumber Day was born. Hendrick’s delicate distillation process uses an interesting infusion of the majestic rose and the mighty cucumber to yield an extraordinarily smooth gin that is the rare union of lightness and complexity. The inclusion of a little green garnish in the form of a slice of the celebrated cucumber adds a final flourish of flavour to this pleasingly unusual drink.

Laura Hallinan, Senior Brand Manager, Hendrick’s Gin said: “As always at Hendrick’s, we like to do things a little differently to celebrate the curious combination of Hendrick’s and this fine fruit. This World Cucumber Day, we’re excited to bring the secrets of the cucumber to the streets of Dublin and hope to welcome many Hendrick’s neophytes to the The Cucumber Hatchery on this day of comprehensive cucumber celebration.”

One hundred tickets to this extraordinary event are now available to the public from on Eventbrite.


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