The Curious Cucumber Hatchery will be taking residency in the iconic Dublin bar from May 30th

May 2019: Today, Hendrick’s Gin announces its partnership with Cafe en Seine in delivering a slice of the unusual to Dublin City for World Cucumber Day. Taking residency in the recently-renovated bar and restaurant space, The Curious Cucumber Hatchery will open its doors for an unusual celebration of the cucumber from May 30th to June 3rd.

The Cucumber Hatchery offers consumers the chance to interact in the unusual world of of Hendrick’s through its beautiful and peculiar partner in crime, the cucumber. An absurd combination of interactive theatre and performance art, The Hatchery will bring guests through the varied life stages of the cucumber and showcase an exquisite appreciation of the peculiar green gourd.

Accompanying the revelry of the Hatchery will be a delectable bespoke menu created by Stephen Gibson, Executive Head Chef of Café en Seine. The menu will juxtapose Gibson’s culinary expertise with Hendrick’s penchant for the unusual. Guest can enjoy sharing plates of Gibson’s creation, along with unique Hendrick’s serves created by Cafe en Seine’s elite team of cocktail-making maestros.

The residency will also include:

  • Hendrick’s Absurdist Aviary – a giant birdcage within the atrium that patrons can enjoy a Hendrick’s tipple in
  • The engineering marvel, Curious Hendrick’s Imperfect Pet AKA C.H.I.P. – a walking bar that will serve our most peculiar hero serve, Hendrick’s and Tonic, to guests as they explore the Hatchery
  • Hendrick’s Multidimensional Cocktail Creator, an intricate device guests can use to create their own Hendrick’s cocktail

Speaking on the partnership, Laura Hallinan, Senior Brand Manager, Hendrick’s Gin, said:

“Hendrick’s continues to be at the forefront of the gin revolution in Ireland, so we’re both  elated and honoured to partner with one of the country’s most iconic venues. Partnering with Cafe en Seine has allowed us to truly realise our vision, bringing our most stunning and opulent experience yet to our Irish curiosity-seekers. We’re excited to show our appreciation for the cucumber in true Hendrick’s style, while providing our guests with a delightfully odd and unconventional evening like no other.”

Hendrick’s Gin has always held the cucumber in the highest regard. The spirit’s unusual distillation process includes an infusion of rose and cucumber, which yields an extraordinarily smooth gin that is a rare union of lightness and complexity. Not only that, but there is simply no better way to cap off a Hendrick’s cocktail than with a little green garnish cut from the same fruit that gives Hendrick’s its pleasingly unusual flavour.

World Cucumber Day is an annual celebration that happens across the globe. The day sees the Hendrick’s, led by ingenious and fascinating Master Distiller Lesley Gracie, hero the remarkable fruit by adding delightful peculiarity to everyday universal things to inspire people to cultivate and embrace their unusual side.

Please enjoy the unusual responsibly.



Hendrick’s Gin is uniquely infused with rose and cucumber, and best served with a slice of cucumber, therefore the unusual gin maker holds this cylindrical being in the highest regard. What better way to rejoice in its wonder than by celebrating its own momentous day?

World Cucumber Day is an annual celebration on May 30th which sees the unusual gin maker hero the remarkable fruit by adding delightful peculiarity to everyday universal things to inspire people to cultivate and embrace their unusual side.

Curious-minded individuals observe the day every year with surreal experiences, events, opportunities and, of course, a refreshing Hendrick’s & Tonic, garnished with cucumber.

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Hendrick’s Gin is a deliciously super premium gin, made with a number of unusual twists to deliver a most curious arrangement. Unlike ordinary gins, Hendrick’s Gin is distilled in Scotland, in small batches of only 500 litres at a time. Only Hendrick’s Gin is made with infusions of cucumber and rose petals, alongside a blend of 11 botanicals, producing a wonderfully refreshing gin with a delightfully floral aroma. Hendrick’s Gin is made in a combination of a Carter-Head and copper pot still, creating a divinely smooth gin with both character and balance of subtle flavours.



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