Say hello to a NEW range of vibrant and colourful veggie layered pots! The brand NEW range of pots are each layered with greens, veggies and grains, some with added noodles, dressing or protein. They’re an incredibly easy way of increasing your 5-a-day… with as much as 3 in some pots. With 8 delicious layered pots for one, 4 tasty side layered pots and 4 sharing pots with dressing, we guarantee everyone will have a favourite!

Each pot is super easy to prepare, with the option to either heat up or enjoy cold, try heating up ‘The Bang Bang one’ and enjoy a mix of crunchy edamame slaw and rice noodles in a spicy coconut sauce or try the enjoy cold ‘Tangy & Tasty one’, a sharing pot of feta and beetroot houmous salad with a sweet balsamic dressing and a crunchy sesame granola!

Sadia Usman, Product Developer says: “Never before has eating your greens been SO delicious! We know that our customers sometimes find it hard to increase their 5-a-day; the Layered Pots For One are perfect for lunchtimes, and the Side and Sharing Pots are brilliant for creating tasty, healthy, veggie-centric dinners. With 16 delicious options to choose from including vegan and vegetarian options, there’s a pot for everyone!”

Products available in stores from the 2nd January.