In 2020 alone Deliveroo has delivered enough pizzas in Dublin to cover four and a half professional football pitches!

Deliveroo is offering free delivery on all PI orders on the 18th and 19th November

Dublin, 18th November: Foodies across Dublin can rejoice this week as Deliveroo has announced that PI, the city’s most critically acclaimed pizza joint, has exclusively partnered with the platform.

With tons of food critics and punters alike proclaiming PI as the best pizza in Ireland – PI was recently named No.23 in ‘The 50 Best Pizzas in the World’ by Big 7 Travel – there is definitely cause for celebration. To mark the occasion Deliveroo has studied the pizza ordering habits of Dubliners. Proving once and for all that Dublin has a passion for pizza,  it can reveal that during 2020 Dubliners have already ordered enough pizza through Deliveroo to cover an incredible four-and-a-half professional football pitches.

Data from the past three months shows that the most popular topping in the North of the city was pepperoni, closely followed by mushrooms. But don’t be fooled, Northsiders also like to pack a punch with hot toppings such as jalapeno peppers and spicy beef coming in as favourites too. In contrast, Southsiders preferred to keep it classic with the traditional Margherita reigning supreme and the occasional olive thrown in for good measure.

Unsurprisingly, garlic dip was the most popular side order across the city. With a house-made garlic and herb dip to die for, Dubliners won’t be able to resist placing an order with PI. To make ordering even more irresistible, Deliveroo is offering free delivery on all orders from PI today and tomorrow.

Commenting on the data Arabella Jenkins, spokesperson for Deliveroo says:  

“The buzz surrounding PI is palpable, so we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome the restaurant to the platform. To celebrate, Deliveroo is offering free delivery on all PI orders on the 18th and 19th November until they run out of dough!” 

John Savage, owner of PI says: “We’re passionate about pizza. Our mission at PI is to do one thing the very best we can, and to never give up on making it better.  We’re excited to reach more people than ever with the help of Deliveroo.”