Deliveroo Lockdown Baby Boom Survey reveals what Irish mums-to-be long for

37% of women craved chocolate

31% of women surveyed needed ice cream

27% wanted cake

17% had a desire for cheese

October 2020, Dublin:

With the National Maternity Hospital preparing for a 10% rise in new births early next year due to lockdown fever*, according to Mary Brosnan, Director of Midwifery and Nursing, Deliveroo and Scoop have teamed up to create some unique pregnancy-craving-inspired ice cream flavours before the boom!

In the Lockdown Baby Boom Survey Deliveroo asked Irish women what they craved most when they were expecting. Although some mums to be, like model and broadcaster Vogue Williams “go off”** chocolate, Deliveroo found that this was the top craving for most mamas with over 37% of women surveyed stating that pregnancy made them bonafide chocoholics.

Ice cream ranked second most popular with 31% of women unable to resist the cool treat, not unlike actress Amy Huberman who revealed recently on the Late Late Show that she’s been tucking into “anything icy”*** during her latest pregnancy.

22% craved any kind of cake; with another 17% opting for a more savoury treat – cheese.

A full Irish was the order of the day for some women during pregnancy with 14% hankering for bacon and 13% jonesing for eggs. 

The famous flavologists at Scoop studied the data and have created the Chocolatey Cheese Board Gelato, a chocolate Gelato base loaded with wonderful cheeses and Autumn fruits including Brie, Gorgonzola, Camembert and a mixed dried fruit blend.

To satisfy the full gamut of craving, Scoop has also come up with what could just be the perfect breakfast, Bacon and Eggs ice cream.

An egg custard gelato loaded with candied bacon kicking the day off to a great start – at least for some ladies.

Deliveroo’s lockdown baby boom survey found that fish, spicy food, fried food, liver and garlic turned pregnant stomachs the most during pregnancy.

Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo says: “Mums-to-be deserve a treat any time, but more than ever in lockdown, and Deliveroo is delighted to collaborate with Scoop to create this gestation spectacular.” 

Redmond Kennedy, Owner of Scoop says: “Cold, comforting ice cream is a common craving during pregnancy, so we’re delighted to bring our expectant customers something extra special in partnership with Deliveroo. This flavour might sound weird to some, but pregnancy cravings are a thing of their own.” 

The unique ice cream will be available for a limited time from Deliveroo. It is available from Wednesday, 21st October until Sunday 25th October

(or until stocks last), priced at €3.50 per scoop.

To download the Deliveroo app visit the app store on an iPhone or Android device.


Customers can order online from Scoop at €3.50 per scoop via Deliveroo from:

  • Scoop Dessert Parlour, 82 Aungier Street, Dublin 2
  • Scoop Sandymount, 143 Strand Road, Dublin 4 (also available to purchase in store)
  • Scoop Ranelagh, 22 Sandford Road, Dublin 6  (also available to purchase in store)