New Portuguese High-Quality Wine Brand In Ireland

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Specializing in Restaurant Sector and Gourmet & Wine Shops!

We are a Portuguese wine brand that is 16 years old, having started this family project in the beautiful Alentejo region, located between Lisboa / Lisbon and the Algarve.
Despite our age as a brand, we have 30 years of experience in the area of Portuguese viticulture.

From the very beginning our main goal and focus has been the pursuit of excellence for all our products, and for these to be provided to our clients with the best possible quality and price .

Being always attentive to the evolution of the new tendencies of the wines in Portugal and around the World, and through our careful selection of different grape varieties from the terroirs to the nocturnal harvests, we produce great wines from the best Portuguese regions, such as Minho / Vinho-Verde, Douro (First DOC in the world), Dão, Bairrada, Lisboa, Península de Setúbal, Alentejo, Algarve and soon Madeira.

In 2015, our expansion was inevitable due to the vast flow of foreign customers, which led us to export our wines to various parts of Europe.

The great demand for our wines by Irish customers inspired us to set up a company in Ireland, and in 2018 we have crystallized the idea into a company named Portugal Vineyards Limited.

This company is the official house of Belmira Cruz Wines and other goods in Ireland.

We have worked hard and invested continuously in our business, in order to create what is today, a solid and successful brand, specializing in the production, commercialisation and delivery of high-quality wines, having always our own and our client’s success as a goal.

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+353 (86) 8226312

“Each sip of our wines is an amazing journey around Portugal, its history being narrated, through all the seasons, from North to South, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, bringing new sensations and capturing genuine emotions and feelings.”