Mount Congreve Gardens is celebrating the month of March 2020 with a Magnificent Magnolia Month.

The Herman Dool Walk is lined with 250 Magnolia Trees creates a colourful overhead canopy of giant blooms, it was created by landscape architect Mr Herman Dool and Mr. Ambrose Congreve in the middle of the 70-acre garden during the 1960’s.

Hailed by the Horticultural Society of Massachusetts as “One of the Great Gardens of the World” Mount Congreve Gardens is one of the very best places in the world to see Magnolias, featuring three spectacular plantings of magnolias in the garden: the first and original planting on the terrace below the house is Magnolia campbellii, Magnolia veitchii and Magnolia sprengeri var diva among others, all now mature and impressive trees. This planting is best viewed from an elevated spot near The Temple where one can look along the top of the canopy and see magnificent planting.

A straight walk downhill of approximately 150 metres with a view to the River Suir and beyond to County Kilkenny, the Magnolia Walk is lined on both sides with Magnolia soulangeana backed by the taller Magnolia campbellii and Magnolia sargentiana var. robusta. The grass verges are planted with Frittilaria meleagris, the Snakeshead Frittilary, and Primula veris, the cowslip. The result is an extraordinary array of colour and scent.

Mount Congreve is one of the largest private collection of plants in Ireland. The Gardens are now open to the public year-round, for further details see