Peace, Love & Cookie Dough – Ben & Jerry’s launches Peace Pops 

To celebrate the 30th birthday of the iconic dough-riginal – Cookie Dough, Ben & Jerry’s are bringing you something special this year.

Introducing: Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pops. Legen-dairy Fairtrade Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and a peace-shaped, cookie-dough-inspired centre, dipped in a soft chocolatey coating, and lovingly popped on a stick to take it with you wherever you go.

Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru, Josine Nohlmans (who knows a thing or two) said: “We know people love our cookie dough like their own family or pets. So we reimagined it so they never need to leave home without it. Now they can walk their puppy AND enjoy Ben & Jerry’s. Give me a heck yeah.”

Peace Pops were first created by co-founders Ben and Jerry to campaign for peace initiatives in the US, way back in 1988. Peace, Love & Cookie Dough is more than just a funny saying – Ben & Jerry’s continue to raise a stick for peace, justice and equality today. From Fairtrade Certified ingredients that champion economic justice, to partnerships and advocacy that seek to educate and mobilise citizens to drive systemic change around the world.

Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pops will be landing in freezers across the country from February 2021. The 80ml Peace Pop will be available in an impulse single RRP*: €2.95 and in a 3 multipack RRP*: €5.25.

Peace, Love & Cookie Dough