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Galaher & Co. Bistro and Coffee House

Welcome to our web site and the 32nd edition of Dining In Dublin – the unique restaurant menu guide. This guide gives you the freedom to choose where you want to dine, what you want to eat and how much you want to spend.

There are many wonderful restaurants to choose from offering an enormous variety of dishes to suit every pocket and palate. For an insight into the ambience and character of each restaurant we have also included a colour photograph and a short write-up.

The guide is very easy to use – in the Magazine you will find the restaurants listed alphabetically and with the cuisine style outlined. We’ve also included maps to help you choose a restaurant by location.

We are very proud of the high quality and standard of the dining experience in Dublin and we are sure that this guide will help you discover Dublin’s many culinary treasures.It is advisable to make a reservation at the restaurant of your choice to avoid disappointment.

And finally, if you found this guide helpful, we would be grateful if you mention us when making a reservation.

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“Good puzzle would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub...” “Good puzzle”‘ James Joyce had his humble hero Leopold Bloom wonder in his remarkable novel, Ulysses, “would be to cross Dublin without passing a pub.” It would be practically impossible, of course. There are literally hundreds of them, peppered all around the centre, and they have played a remarkable role over the years in shaping the city’s political, social, intellectual and artistic life. Revolutions, protests, great novels, plays and poems have been planned and plotted in some of the more famous of them, and the pub has always acted as a bastion of social equality and free speech in a city that was long occupied, and for a long time sternly conservative. Dublin is probably the world’s most famous drinking city, and that of course is all down to the unique atmosphere of its pubs. Although some (The [...]

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